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Jamshedpur, Jan. 28: "What does PNR in a railway ticket stand for?", "Which city is known as the Manchester of South Asia?", "Who was the sportsman to win the 1st Dronacharya award?", "Which state is known as the temple state?" and "Who is the singer of Sacrifice?".

Facing these and a volley of other questions were six teams of Class V, VI and VII students at the 14th Seuli Seal Memorial Quiz Contest at DBMS English School.In a nail-biting finish, the contest saw the boys of Loyola School pitting their mettle against the students of Little Flower School (LFS), but it was the final tie-breaker that made the latter clinch the title.

A file photo of Madhavan at his marriage ceremony in Mumbai.Jamshedpur, Nov. 4: The DBMS English School is all set to welcome its famous alumnus actor R. Madhavan and director Imtiaz Ali.

Both are to participate in the diamond jubilee celebration of the school, and the family, friends, relatives and above all their alma mater, back in the city are all looking forward to roll out red carpet to welcome them.

As former students, both have brought laurels to their school and the city as well. One has shown talent in front of the camera, while the other has shown creativity behind it. Now, it is time for the school authorities and family to shower their gratitude on them. Preparations are on in the school and in their native places to welcome them.

Bhanumathi Neelakantan at her office in Jamshedpur. Picture by Uma Shankar Dubey At 66, she is still a giant holding the pillars of her life with her sturdy hands. She still says she has not done enough. “That's easy. All you have to do is never notice what has been done and only see what remains to be done,” she smiles.

Bhanumathi Neelakantan admits that she no longer sleeps for only four hours like she used to. "At that time, I was young and better prepared for life's challenges. You know, Jawaharlal Nehru had once reiterated that four and half hours of sleep is enough for survival. I think I had started to believe in it."

Bhanumathi Neelakantan

ARK and Preeta Krishna | Frozen Thoughts | Chennai | November 2004, Volume 4: Issue 5

If you find yourself saying, “What can I do? I am after all a housewife”.., watch your words. Read on to find out what a housewife can accomplish.

If you have ever seen someone cruising in a car, stopping at bus stops, asking people if they want a lift, it could well have been noble hearted Bhanumathi Neelakantan. Ever looking for an opportunity to reach out and help, she is an exemplary role model for the youth of today. Sixty- six, but young at heart, she has the drive of an ambitious youth. A woman who could well have been a face in the crowd, she has single-handedly set new standards for being housewife having worked immensely for the cause of education and helped set up a number of educational institutions to cater to various segments of society.

Jubilant steel city basks in achievement of Miss India-Universe

Tanushree’s family in Jamshedpur celebrates her achievement. Picture by Uma Shankar Dubey Jamshedpur, March 28: Four years ago, the telephone did not stop ringing at a small bungalow in Adityapur, when model-turned-actor Priyanka Chopra won the Miss India-Asia-Pacific title at a beauty pageant. An elderly couple wept with joy as the congratulatory messages poured in. They were overwhelmed by their grand-daughter’s achievement.

Today, the continuous trill of the telephone mingled with the joyous din at the Dutta household in Sonari’s Ashiana Gardens on the other end of the city. Father Tapan Kumar Dutta, a development officer at the Life Insurance Corporation of India, mother Shikha and sister Ishita could not find words to express their happiness over Tanushree Dutta’s feat.