School Announcements

International School Award 2014-2017D.B.M.S. English School received the International School Award 2014-2017 on Thursday, 4th December, 2014 from Mr. Rob Lynes (Director, British Council, India) at an award ceremony; held at Hotel Kempinski Ambiance, New Delhi for the outstanding development of international learning in the curriculum. The School was the first school in the whole of Jharkhand to have received the ISA Award in the year 2010. This accreditation is for 3 years.

Student Senate

President Ankur Raj
Vice-President Rajveer Singh
Cultural Minister Shruti Singh
Sports Minister Shivam
Discipline Minister Suryakant Kumar
Environment Minister Suraj Agarwal
Safety Minister Rohit Agarwal

In this year's ICSE 46 of our students got 90% in and above English + best 4 subjects. A total of 158 students, in Science and Commerce streams, appeared for ICSE from the School. 


1 Ved Vineet 97%
2 Pragati Baheti 96.80%
3 Manish Kumar 96.60%
4 Anmol Agarwal 96.00%
5 Kaushal Kumar Agarwal 95.80%
  Jagpreet Singh Dhanjal 95.80%
6 Keshav Agarwal 95.40%
  Prajjwal Raj 95.40%
7 Shashank Mittal 95%
  Diksha Prakash 95.00%
8 Ujjwal Gupta 94.80%
  Yasmin Kouser 94.80%
  Supriya Singh 94.80%
9 Meghna Jha 94.60%
10 Rishav Sharma 94.40%

President Harneet Singh XII-C
Vice-President Sonal Sinha XII-D
Secretary R. Shreya XII-D
Jt. Secretary Nishu Choudhary XII-C
Treasurer Akash Agarwal XI-D
Jt. Treasurer Shikha Yadav XI-D
Director Yasmin Kouser XI-B
Junior Cabinet Pratush Vats IX-A
  Debyansh X-D
  Utkarsh Kumar VIII-C


1 Rishi Sood 96%
2 Bhagyashree Mukherjee 95.75%
3 Megha Singh 95.50%
4 Akash Shukla 94.50%
5 Harshit Verma 94.25%
6 Yagnik Chatterjee 94%
7 Swati Singh 93.75%
  Ankit Kumar 93.75%
  Shubham Shandilya 93.75%
8 Navaneetha Varier 93.50%
9 Rashmeet Kaur 93.25%
10 Shivam Agarwal 92.75%


DBMS English School turns 50!


History was created in Jamshedpur in the year 1965 when D. B. M. S. started an English Medium School. As Hindi medium school was already running much to the satisfaction of everyone, D. B. M. S. was then approached by young parents who wanted English Medium Education for their children. The only existing boy’s school and girl’s school could not fulfill the growing needs of young parents who had come from all over India as a result of expansion of TISCO.