Barack ObamaOn January 20, 2009, the world witnessed history in its making. For those of us who are too ignorant to acknowledge history in any form other than another boring subject- does it maffer? For those of us who are too young and unaware of the significance Martin Luther King Js “I Have a Dream”- does it mailer? To us here in this place does Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America matter- perhaps it does.

A country which is hailed as the land of opportunities, almost every event finds a place in our General Knowledge. But this occasion is different. There are reasons why Barack Obama — the 44th but the first African American President of the United States of America is being hailed as a figure in history. How is it that a man has been termed as the “change” even before he has contributed through any action? It has primarily been his speeches that have not only won hearts but stimulated minds across the world as well.

Suparna SankaranGlimpses interviews Suparna Sankaran and Rajlakshmi S.

Suparna Sankaran

(She is an aspiring singer in the South)

Q. Your association with the school.

A. I was a part of this institution as a student. Of all the things I remember, the one which is inscribed in my memory is the classes with Daniel Sir, the English singing teacher then, whose classes I used to enjoy a lot. I also activity took part of Hind as well as English singing. I passed out the school in the year 1995.

Tanushree DuttaTanushree Dutta (Miss India 2003) interviewed by:

Tanmoy Chakravarty, Ramkrishna Agrawal, Vijayta Mahendru and Suvro Banerji

The students of DBMS English School had a very special reason to cheer about and why not? Their very own adorable alumnus Tanushree Dutta gave a surprise visit to the school where she grew up and dared to dream to plunge into the pool of fashion industry against all odds...

The Glimpses availed of the golden opportunity of having a rendezvous with her.

What a spectacular class is our X ‘A’,
Where each student is great in his/her own way.
Versatility is its key word,
Though, I must admit, certain elements are quire absurd,
Let me start with the geniuses, for there are many!
They will answer all questions, if you have any.

The man was puzzled. He could not believe that the Alien had travelled over such immense distances and come to Earth—only to hear the enrapturing music which his ancestors had once recorded on Earth and taken with them, to preserve over the centuries. Even though they were to fly above the Earth and pick up sounds from the surface, it was a gargantuan task, finding out a particular kind of music from the innumerable varieties in the world. But the Alien was persistent and they may have yielded.