Bhanumathi NeelkantanAs D.B.M.S. English School Celebrates its Silver Jubilee, one question that comes to every mind is: “How did a private institution without any government aid bloom to such pre-eminence and glory within a short span of 25 years?” Not only is DBMS the proud originator of English School, but also of a Hindi School and a Women’s Career Academy. Who is behind the great scene, for this meteoric rise? Undoubtedly it is the great lady whose pleasant smile and charismatic personality exudes sheer dynamism. The lady is none but Mrs. Bhanumathi Neelkantan, affectionately known as ‘Bhanu aunty’.

An individual’s biodata is more relevant than just an arrangement of his academic achievements. But rarely does one come across a letter head of an individual like Bhanu auntie’s which speaks volumes of her associations, memberships and achievements, be it Kennel Club, Guides, School of Hope, Rotract, Citizens Forum.. ..soon, other than her first love — DBMS.

Imtiaz AliThe day was fresh at 7-30 a.m. in the school. However, when Prakash Bhargav walked in a dull manner, it was quite evident that he had spent another practically sleepless night in literary pursuits. All his classmates noticed it, but no one said anything; he had been buried in his own thought frequently, lately.

Today, Prakash would not play volleyball - with the others but sit under some tree during free periods and think about the poem he had written last night. Today his drowsy attitude changed only when the English teacher asked him to come back from his dreams, but that was only for transient period. And of course; he became quite cheerful when Isha said “Hi” before walking past. Yes, this definitely shook his sleepy spirits to activity.

Bhanumathi NeelkantanD.B.M.S. school today represents a success stony that can only be described as phenomenal. Twenty years may be a short time to have built this success story that our school is. Nevertheless, human memory may not go back twenty years so as to trace the rapid growth of this institution. Yet, as D.B.M.S. enters its twentieth year it is only fitting that we should he able to trace the important landmarks of D.B.M.S. history.

Thus, we at ‘Splash’ decided to bridge the information gap with an interview. The obvious choice was Mrs. Neelkantan, President of the School Managing Committee. Having been associated with the school for every day of its history, she proved to be very much the right choice.