Alpana ChalilMrs. Chalil was associated with DBMS as an English teacher. She was also the Vice-Principal of the School from 2006-2010.

Q. How is DBMS different from the other prestigious schools?

A. DBMS is like an extended family and the personal touch among management and faculty and many staff and students makes it unique.

Q. The most significant change in the school over the years?

A. The phenomenal growth in size and achieving the excellence.

Excerpts from a few letters received from students of VIth Grade, Decorah Middle School, Decorah, Iowa, USA. This exchange is part of the International School Award program organised by the British Council.

Lessons from a visit to”Shishu Bhavan”, the orphanage, and “Nirmal Hriday”, the old age home, organised by Jyoti Club.

I took a deep breath and clicked the mouse button. There came my ICSE result and I was overwhelmed. Year long hard work fetched me a sweet fruit. Organised study and regular practice made me score evenly in all my subjects, ninety percent in each. That day was a busy one with congratulations from friends and relatives, call from journalists and a party in a restaurant.

Sometimes we run so hard; it’s hard to walk,
Sometimes it’s so loud around, it’s hard to talk.
If voices are soft, they are hard to hear... .
hard to see if our eyes our shut with fear.