Recent Events

D. B. M. S. English School organised the  ASISC - Zonal Drawing and Painting Competition on Monday, 27th August, 2012 in the D.B.M.S. English School Auditorium. 15 Schools children including host school students participated in the Drawing and Painting Competition. The contest was organised in two categories i.e. Junior Category:  Std. VIII to Std. X and Senior Category: Std. XI & Std. XII. Prizes and Certificates will be sent to the winning schools. Results are as follows:

Annual Prize Night, 20th April

We honoured the achievers in the academic field. The rankers of Std. IV - X were given prizes. Subject awards were given to outstanding students of Std. XI. Special Awards were given to the outstanding students of Std. X & XII.

Father's Day Celebrations, 18 June

Fathers of students of Std. VI were invited for the celebrations. They were invited to speak about their school days and how different they were to the present day. This was followed by games in which the fathers participated very enthusiastically. This informal exchange was enjoyed thoroughly by the children and the fathers.

B. N. Awards is an NGO which works towards women upliftment and also provides service to the society. This NGO is headed by Mrs. Bhanumathi Neelakantan.

They had undertaken a project called Surya Prakash in the year 2011 and distributed more than 150 Solar Lanterns in the two villages i.e. Dhuandih near Ghorabandha and Banstola village near Patamda Division. 4 Solar Street Lights were also installed at Dhuandih village.

Profile of the Six Awardees – 2012

Function held on 3rd July, 2012 at D. B. M. S. Auditorium

Ms.  RINKI MARDI - (Category - I)  Physically Challenged.

Sponsored  by Mrs. Dilith Castleton - Tata Steel Rural Development Society.

Rinki Mardi  is 31 years of age.  She is from Mahudiha village, Potka and has been  disabled since childhood,  as both her legs were defective.  She lives alone  with her  mother.  Initially she faced lot of hardship.  After joining the self help group of T.S.R.D.S., she started doing  bamboo work,  makes small tokries  and sells them.   They have meagre income and even  though  they are very poor,  they do not wish to beg from anyone.

Today, 14th June, 2012 - The School Management of the D. B. M. S. English School felicitated their ICSE & ISC - 2012 Batch students for their excellence better performance in the board examinations.

73 Students of ISC Batch were honoured for securing single points i.e. based on English + Best three subjects. In ICSE - 2012 - 38 students who secured upto 10 Points including all subjects were awarded scholarships for free education in classes XI & XII and were presented gifts.