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It gives me great pleasure and pride to address this gathering of people whom I’ve known and loved since childhood. Today, this night, is the last night when all of us are together, assembled at one place. All of us who have shared the best part of our lives together, school life. We have very special memories of the school days together. Memories which will draw out a smile on our faces even in the saddest of days and which can also draw out tears from our eyes in the happiest of hours. Memories born and nourished in this very school, our own D.B.M.S. English School.

Vighnesh AvadhaniVighnesh was the ICSE city topper with 96.60% in 2005 and he was the ISC city topper, district topper, state topper and rank holder at the All-India level at the 2007 ISC Examinations having secured 98.25%.
In the IIT JEE he obtained a rank of 1611 and is currently doing his Computer Science and Engineering at IIT, Kharagpur. The following is his advise to those appearing for the Board exams.
Rajani Shekhar

The following have won medals in regional, national and international competitions:

Manisha and Anand Sethi

  • Represented India in Indo Srilanka Tennis Ball Cricket Series held from 9-13 October, 2008 in Sri Lanka.
  • Also participated in National Tennis Ball Cricket Championship.

Shreya Ghosh

  • Awarded 3 gold medals and individual championship in Regional Athletic Meet. 
  • Awarded Silver in ICSE / ISC National Athletic Meet at Hyderabad.
  • Also participated in Nationals for the last 7 years.           

A solo contestantThe Bhajan Contest was held on the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja. Students who have taken up singing as their activity were selected by Gauri Teacher to take part in the Bhajan Contest which was organized in the School Auditorium. About two hundred students attended the Bhajan Contest. On 31st January, enthusiastic students mostly dressed in yellow, came with their parents to take part in this contest

Flag hoistingSpeech given by K. Tushar Bharati on Republic Day, January 26, 2009.

On this cold and wintry day, a very warm good morning to all of you. Today India celebrates the start of its 60’th year as a Republic.

Since the heady days of the 1950’s much water has flown down the Subarnrekha. Each eventful year has passed the baton to yet another eventful one. India has slowly but steadily matured and has claimed it’s rightful position in the polity of important nations. While all years have been special the one gone by has been particularly remarkable.