Office Bearers

President Mrs. Ranjana Mishra
Vice–President  Mrs. Prema Mohan
Vice–President  Mrs. Vasanthi Raghuram
Secretary Mr. Siddharth Khandelwal
Treasurer Mr. Arvind Prasad

Life Membership

All ex-students are invited to join the D.B.M.S.Alumni Association. As a member you will receive frequent updates on the school and alumni activities, be invited to attend alumni functions, be able to network with classmates and schoolmates.

Join the D.B.M.S. Alumni Association.

Alumni Clinic

The Alumni Association has been running a free clinic on Sundays between 5-6 pm on the school premises (Primary School gate). Dr. Prusti, Dr. Sumangala, Dr. Om Prakash and Dr. Saggu have been providing their services for free. The patients are also given free medicines. Doctors and volunteers are invited to join the effort.

A Sunday's clinic cost about Rs 1,500, which is largely spent on medicines. If you wish to sponsor one or more clinics, please contact us.