1974 – in a corner of the 5th standard classroom, a girl, whom I can only describe as “teetering on the edge of obesity”, was trying to make sense of her new surroundings. She had just moved from the protected environment of a Girls’ Convent to the seemingly more unruly co-education scene. There seemed to be boys everywhere. Some of them, she thought, were surely laughing at her. And then one of the girls looked at her and smiled. The world seemed to change a little – for the better. And then the teacher walked into the class, called the newcomer over to her desk, looked into her eyes, and giving her the kindest smile, welcomed her into the fold. With that smile and those words, the teacher magically lifted a burden from the newcomer’s shoulder. In fact, it was perhaps at that moment that I stopped being the newcomer. The new place began to feel like a place I could be comfortable in – a place that I could call my own.

Reynold C. D'SouzaWhen I was young my whole life revolved round the school where I spent the best days of my life hence my best memories are from the school. Apart from my parents I guess I owe it to my teachers for pushing me to do my best. When I think of them vivid memories of Mr. Reynold C D'Souza come as one of the best English teachers I have encountered in my life. He was our charismatic Principal who was pivotal in providing us a secure foundation in the basics of English language. Not to forget he taught us cursive writing. Till today I cherish the merit certificates which I have received from school. His handwriting shines in all of them. Mrs. Vincent my class teacher of Std. four and five was responsible for making me fearless about maths and science. She also taught us many English songs. Our Principal used to play the piano and we enjoyed the singing classes. Mrs Kapoor taught us biology in such a lucid manner that I fell in love with that subject. Paromita Basu was our wonderful young arts teacher. She was a favourite as she was our style icon too.

Anand NarasimhanThe other day I was present at the Hoop School, an initiative by the NBA to promote basketball at the grass root level. The boys final of the inter school tournament was an exciting one and standing by the sideline watching the coach shout instructions my mind wandered down memory lane and the picture of Udayan sir yelling at us boys came alive. I spent just two years at DBMS between 1992 and 1994 when I did my XI and XII grade there. But those 2 years have had a lasting impact on who I am and how I have turned out to be.