1. Students of KG to III Std. will not have examinations. They will have regular tests throughout the year. No re-tests will be conducted if a student misses a test. Parents are not to send the child to school for answering the test only.The test will be cancelled if the child does not attend school for the whole day.
  2. For students of IV to XII there will be two examinations every year (one terminal and one final). (One class test will be conducted in the first and second term in each subject. It is compulsory for students to appear and pass in the test. Marks of the tests will be added to the terminal examination marks). All test papers and the corrected answer scripts of the Terminal Exams given back to the students should be signed by the parents and filed properly for future reference.
  3. There will be no re-test or re-examination if a student is absent.
  4. For promotion a student has to show sincerity and hard work throughout the session. Promotion will be granted on the average of all the marks obtained in the year. Pass marks in every subject is 40%.
  5. A student who has repeated a class for one year will not be allowed to repeat for a second year in the same class or in the same level. In such cases the student has to discontinue studies in this school. The levels are:
    Pre Primary level: Kg. I and Kg. II
    Junior level: Std. I to IV
    Middle School: Std. V to VII
    Senior level: Std. VIII to X
    Plus two: Std. XI & XII
  6. The 3rd Language (Sanskrit, Tamil, Bengali & Gurumukhi) is assessed for 4 years from Std.IV-VII It is compulsory for the students to clear their weakness in this subject before they can be promoted to Std.VIII.
  7. Students who miss any examination during the academic session will not be considered for a rank or award in the class or for the subject awards. However if a student misses an examination on account of participation in any special tournaments or competition held during the examination period he/she will be considered for awards. Such leave will be granted only by the Principal.
  8. Students of Std. IX and XI are granted selection to ICSE and ISC on the basis of the whole year's performance. There will be no selection Examination conducted in the Xth and XIIth Std. The selection also depends on their sincerity and regularity of work throughout the academic session, attendance and discipline. Students found lacking in these areas will not be selected for ICSE & ISC Examinations.
  9. Report cards of the terminal examination will be given to the parents at the P.T. meetings. The Report card of the final examination will be given to the parents on the dates mentioned in the calendar.

The examination committee's decision regarding promotion is final. Parents must not contact the Principal, Vice-Principal, teachers or management members with requests for a change.

Parents are requested not to send a physically unwell child for tests or Examinations. A sick child will not be allowed to answer tests or examination.