For physical development, students participate in Yoga, Aerobics and Karate and regular games periods form an important part of the schedule.

The School has many Clubs, such as those listed below, which provide opportunities to our students to develop into intelligent and responsible young citizens.

  • Writer's Club
  • G. K. Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Interact Club
  • Jyoti Club
  • Science Club
  • Environment Club
  • Entertainment Club
  • Computer Club
  • Debate Club

For a more complete list see Clubs and Moderators.

Classes for Scouts, Girl Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls are held every Saturday.

Physical Education and participation in games and co-curricular activities are a compulsory part of every student's education and parents are expected to extend all co-operation in this regard. Maximum participation is expected from every student and exception will be made only for those who are physically unable to participate. In such cases, proper medical certificate should be submitted by the parents.

All team games (Basket ball, Foot ball, Volley ball, Cricket, Hand ball, Kho Kho etc) are played from the primary level and expert coaching is provided. Students are encouraged to participate in indoor and outdoor games and athletics. Students who are selected in the school team must report for coaching whenever called. Irregularity of attendance will lead to disciplinary action being taken against the student. To maintain a high standard of performance regular tournaments are conducted in all games. Students who maintain a high standard of performance are  suitably rewarded and they are encouraged to participate at the State and National levels.

To promote cultural awareness, dancing, singing and tabla classes are held during school hours for students of Standard II to VIII. Senior students are given special coaching in these activities through the entertainment club.

Parents are aware that SUPW is a compulsory subject at the ICSE & ISC levels. SUPW grade will be calculated on the basis of a student's attendance and participation in games, cultural activities and social service activities held in the school.

Students who do not secure pass grade in SUPW will not be eligible to appear for the ICSE or ISC Board Examination.

The School has provided a very well-equipped library. Students are encouraged to develop the habit of reading and the open access system gives them the freedom to read books of their choice. The latest periodicals and magazines are made available to the junior and senior students. Story books and reference books are issued regularly to the students. Plus two students have been provided with a special reference room to utilise their free periods.

Video and audio cassettes, VCR, T.V., Tape recorders and other teaching aids form a section of the main library.

A Parking shed has been provided for the students to park their vehicle. A watchman is also provided in the parking shed. A nominal amount is charged as parking fee. This amount for the whole year is collected from the students at the beginning of the new academic session. Students of Std.V and below are not allowed to park cycles in the shed as they are not allowed to bring cycles to school. Plus two students are permitted to park their two wheelers in the parking shed only if they have the proper driving licence. Students of Std.X & below are not permitted to bring motorised vehicles to school. School authorities are not responsible for the theft or damage of vehicles parked in the shed.

The traffic around the school gates is controlled by the staff and student traffic controllers. We expect the parents to co-operate with them in this regard. This is very essential for the safety of the students at the beginning and the dismissal of school every day.

The Samaj ladies have organised the school book store in the school premises. The book store undertakes the sale of all text books, note books and school stationery to the students throughout the year. The book store timings are from 7.30 A.M. to 1.15 P.M. on all school days.

A canteen provides snacks to students during the recess. This facility has been provided to discourage students from eating contaminated eatables from hawkers.

The Management considers Freeship for deserving students on merit cum need basis. Parents who wish their child to be considered for freeship must collect the forms from the Registrar's office when they come to collect the Final Report Card of the academic session. The percentage of marks required to be considered for freeship is 60% in the year's average.

The Bank of India has provided an extension counter within the school premises for payment of fees.

Photocopying facility is also available within the school premises.

The management has provided Generator connection in all the class rooms, labs and library at the request of the parents.

Parents are requested to read all the information, rules and regulations given in the Prospectus.