MR. P.N Gupta was associated with DBMS  as an Art Teacher since 1981. He retired in April 2010.

Q. Do you think Art is an important part of a child’s education? Why?

A. Yes Art is an important part as it stimulates students’ imagination and encourages them to express themselves creatively.

Q. Describe some of the Art Projects your students loved?

A. Some of my Art projects include different types of sceneries, cartoons, sketches of God/Goddess, popular personalities, etc.

Q. What unique rewards came from being associated with Art?

A. I received a cash award of Rs 1500 from the President of India in the Annual exhibition of College held in year 1961 and in 1962,I was also awarded a gold medal for the best exhibit in water colour.

Q. Who inspired you to pursue your career in Art Education?

A. I was inspired to pursue a career in art education by Mr. MN Gupta, the Principal of Jamshedpur School of Arts,my family, friends, well-wishers and above all almighty God.

Q. Most memorable occasion while being associated with DBMS English School?

A. The blessings, encouragement and support I received from the school during the difficult times when I was admitted in Birla Hospital, Kolkata in 1991 for a by-pass surgery.

Q. Motto of your life and inspiring quote?

A. Live and let live

“Believe in God, Believe in yourself then tomorrow will be yours”

Q. What do you want present students of DBMS English School to gain from their exposure to the fine arts?

A. I hope present students gain the skills to read art images.

Q. Best tip for a beginning teacher?

A. Pace yourself. Set reachable goals for yourself and celebrate those successes as you go.

Interviewed by Swati Ranpara (Batch 2001)