Mrs. Rajani ShekharInterview with Mrs. Rajani Shekhar, Principal, by the Primary students on the 14th of September, 2011 about the "National Awards for Teachers - 2010" which she received from Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, President of India, on 5th September, 2011.

Q: Viraj - Std. III A: What was your feeling when you were nominated for the "National Awards to Teacher - 2010"?
Ans: Principal: I was extremely happy and honoured.

Q: Viraj - Std. III A: Were you the only one from Jharkhand to receive this award this year.
Ans: Principal: Yes I was the only one from an ICSE School from Jharkhand to receive this award. In fact, there were four others from the Government schools.

Q: Virangana - III B: Who was the other teacher from ICSE Schools?
Ans: Principal: Mrs. Madhavi from Green Lawn School, Mumbai.

The Principal with the interviewers

Q: Virangana - III B: Madam, who accompanied you to New Delhi?
Ans: Principal: Our Chairperson, Mrs. Bhanumathi Neelakantan.

Q: Manas - III C: Madam, how was your feeling while receiving the award from the President of India.
Ans: Principal: It was a very proud moment and something to be experienced may be once in a life time.

Q: Manas - III C: Madam, what all did they give you ?
Ans: Principal: How sweet! They gave me a certificate, a silver medal with the Govt. of India emblem and my name inscribed on it and also a draft of Rs. 25,000.

Q: Harshit - III E: Madam, how huge was the Rashtrapati Bhawan?
Ans: Principal: It was huge, absolutely enormous with a large campus within which the actual Bhawan is situated. It is one of the historical monuments worth seeing with beautiful architecture. The Ashoka Hall and The Darbar Hall are places where the swearing ceremonies and award functions take place.

Q: Harshit - III E: Madam, how did you spend that evening?
Ans: Principal: The Evening was spent at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, visiting The Ashoka Hall, Darbar Hall and the Mughal Garden. Excellent arrangements were also made there for tea and snacks. A Navy band played beautiful music continuously.\

Q: Richa - III D: Madam, what was the reaction of your family members?
Ans: Principal: They were extremely happy and delighted.

Q: Richa - III D: Do you think there will be another teacher receiving this award from our school in the coming years.
Ans: Principal: Definitely.

Q: Richa - III D: Madam, one valuable tip for us to aim high like you?
Ans: Principal: Work hard and be truthful to your own self.

Thank you madam and congratulations once again.

Mrs. Rajani Shekhar receiving the National Teachers Award 2010 from Mrs Pratibha Patil, President of India.

The National Teachers Award 2010 recepients with Dr. Manmohan Singh, PM.