Eastern India's largest selling English newspaper, The Telegraph, in association with the ‘Sreeleathers’ had organized a felicitation ceremony where the Principal, two teachers and one student from each school had been awarded for their sincere efforts and achievements. There were around 15 schools from all over the Steel City that attended this ceremony. Here is the experience of the two teachers namely Mr. Sunil Sarkar (Plus Two Level) and Mrs. Monsoon Khan (Primary Level) who were awarded the ‘Best Teacher Award’.

Mr. Sunil Sarkar as interviewed by Divya Tiwary, Std.XII-B

Mr. Sunil Sarkar

1. How long have you served this institution and how has your experience been?

Ans: I have been serving this institution since 1974. I had varied experience as I worked in different fields. The most memorable thing is that I like the homely and congenial environment prevailing in the school. I get support and help whenever it is needed, this is because of the school authority and staff members are very co-operative.

2. What is the change in the attitude of the students in the past ten years?

Ans: Earlier there were few students in a class with not many activities and options. Hence, they were more focused and determined. This determination and attitude of questioning even on getting an 88 is absent now.

3. How was your experience as the Vice–Principal? 

Ans: I enjoyed the responsibility of the vice-principal as I could use the best of my ability and capacity in academics as well as non-academic area during my tenure in this position.

4. How do you feel about this recognition that you have got?

Ans: I was very happy and for me school comes first, so I would humbly like to thank the institution for such an honour. I informed this to my wife and daughter and their happiness was my celebration.

Tr. Monsoon Khan

Mrs. Monsoon Khan:

1. How many years have you served this institution and how has your experience been?

Ans: I have been working in this school since 2001. The experience has been wonderful with a homely environment of love and warmth and cooperative colleagues.

2. You have been an ex-student of this school and now teaching in the same school. How do you feel about it?

Ans: Wonderful. There are no words in the world that can describe it. It is the best feeling ever.

3. Do you find any changes in handling the primary level students over the past ten years?

Ans: No, I do not find any change. For handling this level, Patience and love for the toddlers is the key.

4. How did you feel on being the recipient of such a prestigious award? How did you celebrate it?

Ans: Frankly, I was shocked or rather pleasantly surprised. I celebrated this joy with my parents and then with all the other relatives.

The student who was awarded the ‘Outstanding Student Award’ was Divya Tiwary of XII.

Here is what Divya had to say:

“I am very privileged and would like to thank the school for giving me more than I actually deserve. This is my last year at school. I have been studying since KG-I and its really heart breaking to leave the school after 14 years. This institution has bestowed me with a lot of love, care and respect over the years.”