Mrs. Sona Rao

I have been associated with this prestigious institution since a long time. D.B.M.S. is my second home. I was the student of DBMS Hindi School and presently working in DBMS English School. I completed 25 years of service in 2012. I am a Hindi and Sanskrit teacher in middle school level. Bhanu Aunty is my source of inspiration who motivates one to put in hard work. Over a period of time, I have been learning creative ways of teaching, got trained in teaching children through smart classes. I am proud that my daughters have also been a part of this institution. They have completed ISC from this prestigious institution.

Mrs. Brinda Venkataraman

It’s a great privilege and honor to be associated with this esteemed institution, for a fulfilling and enriching journey of close to three decades. I started my career with D.B.M.S. English School as a lower kindergarten teacher way back in 1985 and have grown personally and professionally along with this institution. Teaching has always been my passion and this noble profession has given me an opportunity to shape, mould and give direction to my students. I have always given my best and have put the interest of my school and students ahead of everything. Along with the career building of students, I have also been involved with them in their various extra curricular activities which has further enhanced my knowledge and experience through interactions. This wonderful institution has been a great source of learning for me. I hope and pray to the almighty to give me strength to continue serving this institution in the same way as I have been doing since the start.

Viran Singh

In June 1986 I walked into DBMS as a teacher and since then I have been a member of the great DBMS family. More than 25 years of memorable service was possible only because of caring, human attitude of everyone associated here.

I am very grateful and thankful to our chairperson Mrs.B.Neelakantan, the management, Principal, Vice principal, Co-ordinators and all other staff members for their co-operation.

My best wishes and blessings to all at DBMS.

Shiva Priya

It was 15th June 1987, when I entered in DBMS English School since then the place has been a temple of learning growth and evolution for me. Both personally and professionally I have grew in this organization. My 2 children have evolved as confident and independent individuals because of values which this school has inculcated in them right from the childhood I would not have been the person I am today, if I would not have been in DBMS.

My sincere thanks to Bhanu aunty for giving me an opportunity to work here and lastly would like to thank each and every individual who has been with me in my 27th years journey with DBMS.

Lastly I would conclude with these words: O Hail DBMS I am proud of you and will be true to you forever.

Krishna Biswas

I have completed 27 years of service in this glorious institution. I have always received a lot of encouragement from the management, principals, vice-principals and co-ordinators I have worked under. I have had good camaraderie with my colleagues. The students have also helped me in my growth as a teacher. It has been a wonderful experience which I shall cherish forever.

Hail DBMS!. 

  1. S. Priya
  2. Vijay Gouri
  3. Krishna Biswas
  4. Brinda Venkatraman
  5. Damodar Prasad
  6. Purushottam Sharma
  7. Niranjan Sharma
  8. Manisha Bhattacharya
  9. Amit Kumar Adhikary
  10. Swati Nandi
  11. Shukhlal Shrestha
  12. Usha Rani Sharma
  13. Hemant Kumar Rao
  14. Meenakshi Rammurty
  15. Sona Rao
  16. Viren Singh