The Jyoti Club of  DBMS English School organized the Orange Drive on 30th April 2022 keeping in mind its motto of 'To Lead is to Serve with Love', to give some relief to the young children from the scorching heat.

The students along with the Jyoti Club Moderators, Mrs Shobha Nair and Mrs Superichita  Dash went to DBMS Lilliput School at Domuhani, Sonari.

The student members distributed Orange Glucose to the students, teachers and the sub- staff there. They were relieved from the heat to some extent and also got energized. The members also donated 1.5 kgs of Orange Glucose and two clay pots to them so that they may use them during the hot summer months. The members were very happy and excited to help the children and have promised to carry out such drives in the near future which might bring in smiles and relief to little children and the needy.