Recent Events

The primary department put up a skit in the primary assembly on 13th April about the spread of dengue and its prevention. 

In the hustle bustle of a busy day we often forget the many people who might have helped us through. The primary department taught everyone a very important value of being thankful.

In a special assembly held on 2-2-18 the children thanked their teachers, parents, management comitee, principal, vice principal, co-ordinators, office staff and support staff. They expressed their gratitude by giving each one a card and a rose.

The Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2017-2018 was held on 1-2-2018.

Dr.Sujata Mitra (Hod- Neuroscience, TMH) was the chief guest and she motivated the students to be better human beings and wished them well in whichever career they might choose in future.

The pre-primary students celebrated Children's Day with fun and games. A pet show was organized and the children learnt about different pet animals. They also visited the bakery and took back with them a packet of goodies. The students played games and won many prizes.

The Primary Level of D.B.M.S English School organised a two day exhibition on 19th and 20th September 2017. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr&Mrs.Lalitha Chandrashekhar (Jt. Chairpersons, Board of Trustees), Mrs.Rajani Shekhar (Principal), Mr. PK Sahu (Vice Principal) and and all the management members and co-ordinators of the different levels.The objective of the event was to focus on all the major subjects covered in the school curriculum.This exhibition was the brain child of the primary level co-ordinator Mrs.Srividya Narayan and the principal Mrs.Rajani Shekhar. The students explained the different concepts through live performances like skit,songs, puzzles and recitation.The parents gained an insight into how the different subjects are being taught. The exhibition was well attended and appreciated.