About the School

Moderators Mrs. Harpreet Kaur Bhamra
Mrs. Shoba Rani
President Harsh Mahendru Std. XII D
Vice-President Tanya Agarwal Std. XII D
Secretary Bhuvandeep Sablok Std. XII C
Jt. Secretary Sidhartha Mallick Std. XII C
Treasurer R. Srikant Std. XII D
Sergeant-at-Arms Nilay Gupta Std. XII A
Directors M. Asbhishek Std. XII A
Ankit Kumar Std. XII A
Nikhil Singh Std. XI A
Rohit Agarwal Std. XI C


Mr. Reynold C. D'Souza 1972-1986
Mrs. Lathika Das 1986-2000
Mrs. Prema Balasubramanian 2000-2004
Mr. N. P. Sastry 2004-2006
Mrs. Rajani Shekhar 2006-till date

Reynold C. D'Douza Latika DasPrema BalasubramanianN. P. SastryRajani Shekhar


Fr. Joseph 1978-1982
Mr. T. Burrows
Mr. P. Ramdorai 1982-1984
Mrs. Naiya Singh
Mrs. Lathika Das
Mrs. Deepa Sengupta 1985-1987
Mrs. Lalitha Raman 1987-1993
Mrs. Shuvra Mukherjee 1993-1997
Mr. Sunil Sarkar 1998-2006
Mrs. Rajani Shekhar 2000-2006
Mrs. Alpana Chalil 2006-2010
Mr. P K Sahu 2010 - present

Deepa Sengupta Shuvra Mukherjee Sunil Sarkar Alpana ChalilP K Sahu

The following Clubs function in the School. Joining them is voluntary but students are encouraged to join one or more Clubs.

Jyoti Club Mrs. Annu Beri
Mrs. Kamla Venkat
Interact Club Mrs. B. V. Shoba Rani
Mrs. Harpreet Kaur Bhamra
Eco Club Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur
Mrs. Sukhveet Gabri
Debate Club Mrs. Rita Chandra
Mrs. P. Suparna
Writer’s Club Mrs. Brinda Venkataraman
Mrs. Suparna Rao
Mrs. Jaspreet Nandre
Adventure Club Mr. Suryajeet Singh
Mr. Udayan Nair
Science Club Mrs. Kavita Avadhani
Mrs. Divya Nair
Mrs. Manju Paul
Dramatics Club Ms. Rohini Sathaye
Mrs. Renu Arora
School Choir Mrs. Swati Nandi
Mrs. Prema Mukherjee
Ethics Club Mrs. Supriti Maity
Mrs. Krishan Biswas
Mrs. Shyamala Srinivasan
Quality Co-Ordinators Mrs. Brinda Ramakrishna
Mrs. Rita Chandra
General Knowledge
Primary Mrs. Suprity Maity
Middle Mrs. Renu Arora
High Mrs. Mousumi Roy
Safety Club Mr. Dheeraj Ranjan Ray
Mr. Udayan Nair
Website Mrs. Srividya Narayan
Mr. Hemant Kumar
Student Personnel Officer
Std. IV To VI Ms. Rohini Sathaye
Std. VIII & IX Mr. Neeladri Ghosh
Std. IX & X Mrs. Renu Agarwal
Std. XI & XIII Mr. Sunil Sarkar
House Moderators
Yellow House Mrs. Shoba Nair
Mr. Ashok Kumar
Red House Mrs. Pramod Kumar Sinha
Mrs. Manju Paul
Green House Mrs. Sumita Banerjee
Mrs. Shyamala Srinivasan
Blue House Mrs. Manisha Bhattacharya
Mrs. Mallika Basu
The duties of the Student Councillors are:
  • Ensure that the children go down to the assembly area on time.
  • See that the students go back to their classes in a line after the assembly is dismissed.
  • Check the uniform of the students.
  • Maintain a record of regular defaulters.
  • Ensure that the students are regular in their work.
  • Maintain discipline during recess.
  • After the dismissal bell, ensure the students leave in an orderly fasion and that the house on duty does the class cleaning.


To produce fair minded leaders of distinction and dignity, committed to life long learning, leading meaningful lives and serving society.


D.B.M.S. English School provides all students with a well balanced, carefully structured and affordable eduction to develop to the fullest potential, inquiring minds who can think critically and creatively and possess the skills and competencies to face the challenges of the 21st century.


  • Practise patience, honesty and integrity.
  • Be fair - minded and principled.
  • Have Moral Courage to face situations and take responsibility for one's action.
  • Value faculty and staff.
  • Encourage team - building and mutual respect.
  • Secure Public Trust.